Fantom Launches Ecosystem Vault, Sees 68% Decrease in Transactions

• Fantom launched an Ecosystem Vault on 20 January to fund projects built on the blockchain. • The Ecosystem Vault is a community-controlled fund that is financed by redirecting 10% of the transaction fees from the FTM token. • As of 20 January, the network saw the creation of 4,900 new addresses with 51,490 daily […]

ApeCoin Faces Resistance: Pullback Likely as Bitcoin Reaches $17K

• Bitcoin has climbed past the $17k mark and traded at $17.4k at the time of writing, facing intense resistance near the $17.6k and $17.8k marks. • ApeCoin, on the other hand, traded within a higher timeframe zone of resistance and a pullback was likely for APE. • The RSI on the four-hour chart showed […]

Binance Joins ACSS: Enhancing Compliance Standards in Crypto Industry

• Binance recently announced becoming a member of the ACSS to deal with FUD caused by the FTX collapse and SEC inquisitions. • The intention for joining the ACSS is to educate the staff on OFAC guidelines and alert them of potential dangers of violating the criteria. • BNB saw a surge in late October […]

XLM Price Surges After Soroban Upgrade, Making Transactions Seamless

– Stellar (XLM) has seen a significant price drop of 30% since the collapse of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX in November of last year. – A new smart contract platform called Soroban has released its second preview, aiming to increase platform developer friendliness, scalability, and sensibility. – Stellar is a decentralized currency exchange that helps […]

Crypto Industry to See Recovery in 2023: Dante Disparte

• Dante Disparte, the Chief Strategy Officer of Circle, believes that the crypto winter may usher in steadier and more durable actors for the crypto industry. • Disparte compared the crypto industry’s challenges in 2022 to the famous Dot-com bubble of 2000. • He also pointed out the increasing use of blockchain technology in key […]

Bitcoin Market Struggles as Fear and Uncertainty Linger

• The market structure of Bitcoin was bearish on higher timeframes, with December’s lows at $16,256 potentially being tagged before a move higher. • Sentiment behind Bitcoin has been fearful in recent months due to the fall of FTX and FUD around Binance. • The Directional Movement Index (DMI) showed a bearish trend was picking […]

Bitcoin Drawdown of 75.92% in 2022: What to Expect in 2023?

• Bitcoin’s performance in 2022 saw a 75.92% drawdown from its all-time high. • This drawdown was seen from November 2021 to the end of 2022 due to economic pressures and inflation in the global economy. • Governments printing money heavily during the pandemic and the U.S. Federal Reserve’s quantitative tightening caused the inflation levels […]