According to Cognizant, the future post-pandemic is contactless

By using contactless technologies – contacts – businesses and societies can help employees and citizens interact more safely, now and in the aftermath of a pandemic. This was stated by Bitcoin Era, through a report they shared with Cointelegraph en Español.

Cognizant said that by the time a vaccine is approved and distributed to address COVID-19, we will have lived for nearly a year or more with social distancing protocols built into our daily interactions. „It is not unreasonable to believe that social distancing can become the rule rather than the exception, creating a boom in contactless technologies and procedures,“ they said.

As we enter a „return to normal“ process, they noted that benefits of contactless approaches to transactions and interactions can be discovered.

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People had full control over their environments and interactions while they were sheltered in their homes. But as we return to work, personal and professional boundaries can bring certain challenges.

In this context, below are some of the solutions being developed – according to Cognizant- to help people navigate this new territory, allowing them to interact with some caution when necessary, and to avoid doing so when possible.

Proximity bracelets
Social distancing will continue to be one of the most important policies, but also one of the most difficult to implement, prompting some companies to adopt a digital approach. One example is Ford’s test of proximity bracelets, which buzz if workers get too close. As always, the underlying data recorded by the devices is even more valuable. Not only can repeat offenders be identified, but if an employee tests positive for COVID-19, anyone who has recently been within two meters can also be notified. The bracelet borrows the features of contact tracking applications, but supposedly without the widespread privacy concerns and adoption rate issues.

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Digital Wallets and Payments
So far, the convenience of Apple Pay, Google Pay for Android and several solutions that have been born in Argentina have not overcome the habit of using cash or debit cards. But as we move forward, Cognizant believes that adoption will increase, making payments not only safer, but also faster and more efficient. In addition to commercial uses, this technology can also be integrated into public transportation systems, ATMs, payment for concerts, movie theaters, etc.