MoneyGram distances itself from Ripple, saying it does not use RippleNet

MoneyGram clarifies the nature of its partnership with Ripple. MoneyGram distances itself from Ripple by saying that it does not use RippleNetNOTÍCIAS The MoneyGram global money transfer service has clarified the nature of its collaboration with its blockchain partner, Ripple, following the recent investigation of the latter by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. In […]

Bitcoin sees „longest and most stable“ rally ever: 73% gain in just 73 days

Bitcoin’s intense uptrend shows no signs of slowing down in the near future either. The cryptocurrency is now trading over $ 18,000. Whether or not the mark can be broken permanently depends largely on whether or not trying to reverse the uptrend is possible at this point in time. There are already serious signs of […]

¿Qué está impulsando el precio de Bitcoin?

¿Qué está impulsando el precio de Bitcoin? Controladores de precios de BitcoinNoticias de precios de BitcoinNoticias de precios de BTCNoticias de criptocracia A medida que el precio del bitcoin alcanza niveles no vistos desde enero de 2018, un análisis de los tres principales impulsores de los precios revela que los tres Bitcoin Profit son macrotendencias […]

Quand le Financial Times admettra-t-il la défaite contre Bitcoin?

Le Financial Times n’aime pas Bitcoin . Ou crypto-monnaie . Ou quoi que ce soit en dehors de sa sphère bancaire traditionnelle. Ce n’est peut-être pas surprenant étant donné que le journal a 132 ans et s’adresse à une foule particulière, mais si certains de leurs arguments sont légitimes, ils sont si souvent si dédaigneux […]

Bitcoin zostaje ponad 12 900 dolarów.

Bitcoin rozpoczął dzień z pozytywną dynamiką. W czasie prasy, największa kryptokurcja według Market Cap jest notowana na poziomie 12.903,21 dolarów (+0,88%), według CoinMarketCap. Wykres pary transakcyjnej USD/BTC od EXANTE Ze swojej strony, Ethereum urósł do 413,95$ (+4,65%), podczas gdy XRP wzrósł o 0,3% i obecnie wynosi 0,257$. Mówi zespół analityków FxPro: „Nawet jeśli Bitcoin próbował […]

Monero hard-fork update could have a major impact on its price

The new Monero upgrade improves the efficiency of the room. The price dropped slightly after a huge bull run leading up to the update Atomic swaps are expected to emerge soon when governments crack down on privacy-focused cryptocurrencies. The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards. The Monero privacy […]

Bitcoin erholt sich, während die Aktien straucheln

Bitcoin erholt sich, während die Aktien straucheln: Ist die Korrelation endlich entkoppelt? Der Bitcoin-Preis hat sich innerhalb eines Tages um mehr als 300 $ erholt, während der S&P 500 im gleichen Zeitraum um fast zehn Basispunkte gefallen ist. Handelt es sich hier um die sagenhafte „Entkoppelung“ der Aktienmärkte, die Analysten als „Entkoppelung“ bezeichneten, oder handelt […]

Portuguese police arrest Brazilians for trafficking in immigrants and find BTC mining equipment

Brazilian couple arrested in Lisbon with fake documents, special printers and Bitcoin mining equipment The police of Brazil and Portugal acted together to arrest two Brazilians in Lisbon, the Lusitanian capital, who were being monitored for illegal immigrant trafficking. According to Estadão, the Portuguese authorities found mining equipment from Bitcoin along with those investigated. The […]

Surtos de Etéreo; Atingirá $500 em breve?

O Ethereum – a segunda maior moeda criptográfica do mundo por limite de mercado e o principal concorrente do Bitcoin Trader – cresceu mais de dez por cento da noite para o dia e atualmente está sendo negociado por bem mais de $477. Este é um pico de mais de $30 nas últimas 24 horas. […]