Portuguese police arrest Brazilians for trafficking in immigrants and find BTC mining equipment

Brazilian couple arrested in Lisbon with fake documents, special printers and Bitcoin mining equipment

The police of Brazil and Portugal acted together to arrest two Brazilians in Lisbon, the Lusitanian capital, who were being monitored for illegal immigrant trafficking. According to Estadão, the Portuguese authorities found mining equipment from Bitcoin along with those investigated.

The Brazilians were arrested on Monday in Lisbon after being identified and monitored by the Federal Police in Brazil. They are suspected of being part of a gang that acted in the falsification of documents for citizenship applications and smuggling of immigrants.

The names of both – a man and a woman – have not been released by the authorities, but a large number of false documents and passports of various nationalities (especially Portuguese documents), special printers, high-tech devices for Bitcoin mining and others used to commit cybercrimes were found with them.

Cristina Gatões, director of the Portuguese Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), told Folha Press:

„We have information that this was one of the most relevant seizures made in recent years in Europe, given the capacity to produce and diversify documents that were being produced“.

Investigations would have begun in 2018 in the United Kingdom and have grown beyond the island country. Europol and the Brazilian Federal Police participated in the investigations, until the arrest by the Portuguese police, which considered a high risk of escape.

The group sold the fakes on the deep web and payment for the services was also made in Bitcoin, the investigations reveal. The director of SEF completes:

„In the course of this investigation, it was possible to establish that the fraudulent documentation was sold online and sent by post to countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, the Netherlands, Brazil and the United States“.

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